Escape and Unplug: Inshore Fishing in Costa Rica

31 Jul
Golfo Dulce at the Mouth of Rio Platanares, Puerto Jimenez

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Drake Bay, Matapalo, Puerto Jimenez and 
Golfito are hot spots for inshore fishing on the Pacific side of southern Costa Rica. A favorite getaway spot for international travelers and anglers, this region remains virtually untouched by large-scale tourists. With rainforests, pristine beaches and wildlife reserves, you can get lost here for days. You can unplug here and escape the hectic daily grind of urban life while enjoying world-class fishing in one of the most pristine places on earth.

Golfo Dulce, Puerto Jiminez

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Puerto Jimenez is the favorite spot of these Pacific Ocean fishing destinations among anglers. Once home to a prosperous gold mining trade and 30-miles from the Panama border, Puerto Jimenez now serves as a central location for world record-class sport fishing. The area also offers several great resorts geared toward ecotourism and fishing such as Crocodile Bay. Waking up with the sunrise and going to bed with the sunset, it is the place to experience adventure, relaxation and unspoiled nature. It may not be an exaggeration to call it paradise, especially for the angler.

Giant Roosterfish

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Famous for the huge Roosterfish and Snapper caught by anglers daily along with Jack Trevally and Blue Trevally, the southern part of Costa Rica rivals most fishing destination spots. Anglers experience the thrill of catching multiple Roosterfish and Snapper in one day here. The strong and thriving fish population is a direct result of Costa Rica’s continued conservation efforts and commitment to protecting biological diversity.

Dolphin, Rio Planetares

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Golfo Dulce is a hot spot for fishing in the Puerto Jimenez area. The Plantaneres River winds through a mangrove estuary and empties into the mouth of the gulf. The Playa Plantaneres is a long stretch of pristine beach with coastal vegetation and mangrove swamps at the mouth of the river. This designated Wildlife Refuge protects the forested and beach areas of the Osa Peninsula. You either can stand on the playa and cast a line into the ocean or grab a fishing pole and paddle up the river in a kayak, passing by bottle-nosed porpoises, white-faced monkeys, freshwater turtles and river otters.

Crocodile Bay Pier

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Rio Plantaneres is one of the most exotic spots in the Osa Peninsula. With a crocodile nearby and a Scarlet Macraw flying overhead, you can cast a line into the water and fish for hours without seeing another human. It is one of the few places remaining in the world where you can still experience such raw untamed nature. Book your trip, grab a swimsuit, and ditch your laptop on your way out the door — but don’t forget your iPhone.


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